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Fall Flowers

The weather here is pretty much the same year-round, which means that flowers also grow year round. These, however, are unusual for a sidewalk lawn patch. They were as large as my face and in different patterns of red and white. I admire people who can grow plants like this. Their front yards are always lush and colorful, welcoming their passers-by with a flash of serene earth within this foggy, dark city.

I’ve had many houseplants in my life, but I have never been able to grow flowers or food. Truthfully, I’ve never given gardening a real go as I have never had my own yard with which to test the greenness of my thumbs. Presently, I have the space for a rooftop garden, but the constant wind can cultivate nothing but hardy succulents. Indoors, I have a wildly acrobatic climber of a pet cat who likes to eat leaves. I plan to have a garden eventually, and when I do I will grow heirloom tomatoes. I love tomatoes, especially when they are green, so I don’t think I would have the problem of tomato surplus, which I know can happen to people. I would also like to grow beets, another vegetable I can eat a lot of.

When I lived in Denver I tried growing a small herb garden outside of my kitchen window. It was the tiniest of herb gardens, one plant each of four different herbs. The basil and oregano did alright, but I overwatered the rosemary (Fact: Rosemary is actually in the tree family, so it does not need as much water as other herbs. A girl who owns her own restaurant told me this.) As for flowers, growing rosebushes intimidates me, they are so beautiful that they must require an arduous amount of devotion and care. A rose garden would be an endeavor worth trying though. To have a backyard sitting area filled with the soft scent of roses would be heaven.


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