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Attended the show opening of Ferris Plock at the Shooting Gallery the other night. He is a friend of a lovely friend, and his paintings are exciting and cheeky. He uses a lot of bright colors, but the contrast of the black lines cut up the color. This combination makes the traditionally acidic colors calmly stimulating. Looking closely at Ferris’s paintings, you begin to fully appreciate the meticulous geometric detail he goes into. His ability to create punchy patterns makes me think he could make some incredible textiles.

Ferris also works in 3-D sculpture. This wooden boombox sculpture makes me wish I had the cahones to tote this around on my shoulder during the day. Boombox sculpture could be the next It Accessory. There were other boomboxes in different colors, but this red one was my favorite.

Shooting Gallery is also currently featuring new works by Casey Grey. As dabbling spray paint artist myself, I was completely mesmerized by the shapes and colorplay in his work. The bright colors and motifs clash with the medium, and the tension between the two draws me in. I am infatuated:


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