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I got so much done this past week, I am allowing myself a few days rest before I take off again. These past few days were good ones, perfect for relaxing and catching up with old friends. One day I went to Delores Park with a friend and did a lot of people watching and basking in the sunshine. Indian Summer is upon us, and it is one of the best times of the year in San Francisco. It’s the most summer-like, but watch out for 5pm, the fog rolls in and you better have a jacket. The very next day I walked to the Ferry Building with another old friend. I had never actually been inside the Ferry Building, and was pleasantly surprised to see an upscale farmers’ market type of scenario inside. Very charming, nouveau rustic booths selling gourmet cupcakes and cheese. I swear I saw haystacks. The weather was perfect and being near the water was lovely.

Everytime I visit with an old friend, the story is the same – we are all constantly working and getting more boring by the minute. No one gets out anymore like we used to, and not many people see each other as often as we used to. We are all transitioning from our twenties, I guess. Seeing all my friends who have stellar careers and lives, the “staying in, being boring” routine seems to be working out for them. I know it’s been working out for me. I used to feel guilty and fancied myself a recluse because I was sure everyone was hanging out without me. But now I know the truth: we are all at home recharging! The transition has made me appreciate the times when I do see my friends, because as we get older I learn more about them, and with the good ones you always find new things to have in common.

I also had my fantasy football draft and I think I have a pretty good team. I took some chances and drafted a couple of players who are projected to have breakout seasons, but are also unfortunately suspended for the first couple of games. I have better players that I will play in the meantime, but I am looking forward to seeing if my risk paid off. The name of my team: Happy Kitties. The mascots:


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