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F Train

A ride on the F Train. It’s the route with the old-school car and goes down Market Street. A classic ride. My friend and I rode in the back, and I felt very much like we were in The Graduate. Although neither one of us had anything to run away from, it still felt wonderfully reckless and youth-in-revolt.

The last two nights I’ve had two vivid dreams. The first one I dreamed I went to a party in a huge house that belonged to a friend of mine (which friend, I do not know). The house was multiple stories and designed in a modern goth style. Think the house in Beetlejuice after Catherine O’Hara’s character redecorated, but more tasteful. The party was hoppin’ and pretty luxe. People were dressed up and having a good time. We all noticed a little girl at the party. She had to have been no more than 8 years old, but she was walking around and would disappear and then reappear again. At some point we realized that she was a ghost and was haunting this house because she was buried inside of it. We (meaning me and my friends in my dream) found where she was buried in a small courtyard that was in the middle of the house. Somehow once we found the gravesite, all was well, because the party got more rowdy and celebratory. I noticed 50 Cent was sitting on a bench near the gravesite with his homie. He was crying because he was too drunk, and his homie was patting him on the back and comforting him. I don’t know why he was there, you would think my dreams would involve people more along the lines of Karl Lagerfeld or Anna Wintour, but no. Fiddy Cent was in my dream. I don’t even listen to his music.

The second vivid dream was a spin on a recurring dream that I have. Usually the dream goes like this: In my present day and age I suddenly realize that I’ve been enrolled in a math class and have not gone to one session the entire semester, and I have a test coming up and I am completely unprepared. Well, this time it was different. I actually remembered that I had enrolled in a math class, and I showed up the first day. During the lesson I realized how difficult this class was going to be. However, instead of panicking like I would usually do in a dream like this, I started planning on how I was going to study for the class and look into tutoring and other strategies so that I would do well. Instead of waking up in a frenzy like I usually do, I woke up feeling calm and confident. I thought this was pretty significant. My subconscious has seemed to have worked through something and has now changed my once stress-related recurring dream into something I felt I could face and overcome. I am curious to see if the dream continues to go like this if I ever dream it again.


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