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Goodbye Machine

I said goodbye to an old friend today – my sewing machine. My parents bought it for me for Christmas almost 7 years ago, and the first thing I made with it was a chocolate-brown satin party dress for New Year’s Eve. About a year later, I started design school and my little sewing machine got me through all the classes with no problem. In fact, it’s never given me a problem until just recently when I started sewing rubber coated material. It didn’t like. Seeing as I will probably be using this material again (I really want a jacket or top made from it), I decided it was time to upgrade.

After doing some research I decided to get a Kenmore sewing machine, which is actually manufactured by Janome. It has an all metal frame, a heavy duty motor, and is scheduled to arrive next week. I put my old sewing machine up for sale on Craigslist and very shortly thereafter got a response from Praxis, a Mission non-profit that acts as a community center and place to get sewing and crafting help. It also sells reconstructed clothing and handmade goods, as well as tea and whole grains and the like. I delivered it to them on my way home from work and took a look at this darling little space. It is very welcoming and makes you want to hang out for a bit and discover all the neat stuff they have. The owner is very sweet and if I didn’t already know how to sew, I would feel comfortable coming to her for help. It is always fun to meet someone who also enjoys sewing, and I feel good that my little machine is going to a good home where it will be taken care of.


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