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NHD Knits at Metier San Francisco

NHD for Metier


I was thrilled to be able to make some of my stripe tees for the Metier SF pop-up shop a couple of weeks ago. I should have posted about the pop-up shop before it actually happened, but fortunately they are going to continue to host pop-ups in addition to selling online.

The striped shirts you see above are mine. I absolutely love the way Sheri and Trina (the Metier mavens) styled them. I personally like mixing neutrals with more boho, my personal style tends to skew this way, as I feel most who have called SF home do.

The tees were a demonstration in pure hustle on my part. I had some trouble finding just the right kind of stripe fabric. Not only am I very picky, but finding fabric in Los Angeles has proven to be more complicated than I thought. Yes, there is a fantastic fashion district in downtown, but the good fabric stores (the ones that carry the really good designer stuff) are only open during business hours. I didn’t want to leave work in the middle of the day to shop for my own projects (although next time I just might have to.) I was able to score some fabric online, and spent a weekend sewing t-shirts nonstop.

So now my little line of hats has expanded to tees, which I am very happy about. Speaking of hats, I just ordered a big new batch of my absolute favorite yarn for my next line. I will also be adding kids’ hats to the mix, for all those stylish little ones I see in SF and LA. I can’t wait to start knitting them, little hats are adorable. Keep checking back as I promise to stay updated on the latest with NHD knits.


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Lean and Learn

Screen shot 2013-04-11 at 9.42.48 PM

A few weeks ago I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In because of the things I had heard and read about it. This book got mixed reviews, to say the least. I read it in a day because it was so interesting to me. I could relate to her desire to find a career she believed in, and found her advice in balancing work and life reassuring. I especially like the Lean In community that she formed online, where people can submit essays recalling a time when they had to lean in. The authors are diverse in their backgrounds and careers, and each story is completely unique and inspiring.

I go from zero to sixty when reading books. I have a few books I have picked up and read through the first few chapters and now rest on my nightstand in a stack. I’ll finish them, eventually. Then there are the books that draw me in to the point where I cannot stop reading. Before Lean In, the last book was The Hunger Games (I refuse to read the 2nd and 3rd in the series. Long story.) Before that, World War Z, and before that was the first compendium of The Walking Dead comics. So I’ve learned that there are two subjects that apparently have me riveted – the zombie apocalypse  and modern feminism.

Work has been taking up much of my time and it has been challenging in a very good way. My position is something I dove into head first, and I am having to learn very fast and on the fly. It’s both scary and exciting, oscillating between these two states on a daily basis. I am fortunate to have a job that requires a lot of creative problem solving, which I have found myself to be quite good at.

The above picture is the sunset as I was leaving work today. The entire sky was shades of pink and looked absolutely celestial.

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Color Story

photo (27)

Surprise! I live in Los Angeles now. Well, not LA proper (yet!) At the moment we are staying with my all-too-kind inlaws, who are letting us crash with them in the ‘burbs until we find jobs. It doesn’t make any sense to find a place, only to get a job that could be across the county. Gotta minimize the commute as much as possible.

Truth be told, this move has been in the works for months. Approaching the end to his schooling, my husband and I decided that Los Angeles would be the perfect place for us to start and advance our careers. New York was also a possibility, but being honest with myself I don’t know if I could have handled the winter. I enjoy the California weather, sunshine and beaches and warmth.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, giving my notice at my job in San Francisco. Even though I had prepared myself beforehand, I still cried when I handed my manager my notice. My coworkers were so awesome there, they really became a second family. I gave over a month’s notice so that we would have plenty of time to say our goodbyes. A very bittersweet ending to my time in San Francisco, and there will always be a special place in my heart for the City by the Bay.

So at the moment we are both on the hunt for employment. It’s been really nice to have someone going through the same situation as you. I know from experience the job hunt can be lonely, so I’m thankful to have the Mr. to come home to and bounce ideas off of. We are staying in an area that is perfect for outdoor workouts, so I’ve been taking a lot of walks. I’m happy to live near trees and green grass again, it’s a lovely change from the hard cold streets of San Francisco, though I’ve become so much of a city girl that the prospect of insects and bugs kind of freak me out.

I’ve been unpacking slowly, taking things out of boxes as I’ve needed them. The last few days have been uncommonly frigid outside, really it’s been in the 20s and 30s, so I thought it high time to break out my scarf collection. Hanging up my clothing and getting to look at everything en masse always makes me fall in love with my wardrobe again. When I was in high school I read a lot of fashion magazines, and I remember a quote from Kate Spade where she said she thought it was important for a woman to develop her unique personal style as she gets older. As a young, 5’11” girl who had issues finding clothes that fit, this quote resonated with me. I still think about it a lot as I shop. My wardrobe is me, inside and out, and each new addition is added because I know it works with what I already own. Judging from the photo above, it is clear that I love color, so my wardrobe tends to oscillate within the same color story. My personal color story, if you will.

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My Knit Hats at Metier SF



So excited to have my hats featured at the Metier trunk show this weekend. They are made from my most favorite wool yarn from South America, a very small family owned company who dyes their colors in small limited edition batches. If you aren’t able to make it out, I will have some up on my shop in the next few weeks!

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12/15/2012 · 9:11 am


Smitten is a cute little made-to-order ice cream shop in Hayes Valley. They make your ice cream from scratch right in front of you in super cold mixers, so that it is as creamy as possible. If there is any an occasion to scream for ice cream, this is it.

The thought and care that Smitten takes in making their delicious product makes my ice cream splurge worth it. First of all, their ice cream is made with a special mixer that they invented! It uses nitrogen to rapidly freeze the mixture so that the ice crystals that form are very, very small. This makes for an incredibly creamy concoction. Additionally, they use only natural ingredients, sourcing locally and using organic milk.

I ordered the salted caramel ice cream, and my lovely friend got vanilla with pistachio brittle topping. This is a picture she took of her ice cream and our shoes. There are no pictures of my salted caramel ice cream because it was gone soon after it was handed to me, but trust me when I say it was beautiful.

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About Town

Attended the show opening of Ferris Plock at the Shooting Gallery the other night. He is a friend of a lovely friend, and his paintings are exciting and cheeky. He uses a lot of bright colors, but the contrast of the black lines cut up the color. This combination makes the traditionally acidic colors calmly stimulating. Looking closely at Ferris’s paintings, you begin to fully appreciate the meticulous geometric detail he goes into. His ability to create punchy patterns makes me think he could make some incredible textiles.

Ferris also works in 3-D sculpture. This wooden boombox sculpture makes me wish I had the cahones to tote this around on my shoulder during the day. Boombox sculpture could be the next It Accessory. There were other boomboxes in different colors, but this red one was my favorite.

Shooting Gallery is also currently featuring new works by Casey Grey. As dabbling spray paint artist myself, I was completely mesmerized by the shapes and colorplay in his work. The bright colors and motifs clash with the medium, and the tension between the two draws me in. I am infatuated:

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Things I Want to Get Better At

– Directing my dreams. Karl Lagerfeld reportedly gets ideas for his complex fashion shows from his dreams. After reading the article from whence I found that tidbit, before falling asleep I would purposely think about beautiful things. I had one dream that involved a beautiful fashion show, but I haven’t had any since then. What am I doing wrong?

– Running. Fitness centers should have running classes. I don’t mean everyone go running together like a group, I mean the drills that runners do to perfect their technique. I would take that class. Although I love running, it is not good on my body. I admire those who have the gazelle-like strides. I know that most are born with a body and form built for running, and my body definitely is not. It would be really helpful to take a running technique class. I could make my strides and movement more efficient, thus putting less impact stress on my joints. Does this class exist?

– Styling my hair. I have watched YouTube videos on how to curl your own hair, and the women on there make it look so easy. They part their hair in perfectly straight lines, and handle the curler as a chivalrous knight wields his sword. The times I’ve followed their steps, my hair ends up only half curled because my arms get tired and I give up. At that point my hair is a  brunette poodle and I am afraid to go any further. Granted, my curler is a 1″ diameter, and I think my hair needs a larger diameter to curl like I want it to. I haven’t tried it yet because regardless, it takes a long time to do, and I am too lazy in the morning. Maybe one day I’ll get my act together and stop wearing my hair in a bun and pretending that it’s because I’m a ballerina who had rehearsal earlier. What’s stopping me from being a coifed ballerina?

– Fantasy Football. After all the research and preparation I did, my fantasy football team’s record is currently 1-3. What the football, Frank? Shouldn’t I be in first place? I fully expected to be kicking some badonkadonk by now. I suppose the only way to get better is to play more and to pay even more attention to the NFL. But how much attention do I have to pay before I see results? Is there an algorithm for this?

– Existing in non-mild weather. I grew up in an area of the country that was very hot and humid during the summer. Somehow I got through it alive and left as soon as I could. I moved to the Bay Area and have since been completely spoiled by the weather. San Francisco’s weather especially has rendered me hesitant to move anywhere else in the country where a fashion industry thrives. New York? Hot and humid in the summer! Los Angeles? Hot. Hot! Portland? Not hot, but it rains too much. Rain! What am I going to do if I can’t live within seasonal weather patterns? Is there a way to practice living in seasonal weather patterns without actually living in them?

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