Lean and Learn

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A few weeks ago I read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In because of the things I had heard and read about it. This book got mixed reviews, to say the least. I read it in a day because it was so interesting to me. I could relate to her desire to find a career she believed in, and found her advice in balancing work and life reassuring. I especially like the Lean In community that she formed online, where people can submit essays recalling a time when they had to lean in. The authors are diverse in their backgrounds and careers, and each story is completely unique and inspiring.

I go from zero to sixty when reading books. I have a few books I have picked up and read through the first few chapters and now rest on my nightstand in a stack. I’ll finish them, eventually. Then there are the books that draw me in to the point where I cannot stop reading. Before Lean In, the last book was The Hunger Games (I refuse to read the 2nd and 3rd in the series. Long story.) Before that, World War Z, and before that was the first compendium of The Walking Dead comics. So I’ve learned that there are two subjects that apparently have me riveted – the zombie apocalypse  and modern feminism.

Work has been taking up much of my time and it has been challenging in a very good way. My position is something I dove into head first, and I am having to learn very fast and on the fly. It’s both scary and exciting, oscillating between these two states on a daily basis. I am fortunate to have a job that requires a lot of creative problem solving, which I have found myself to be quite good at.

The above picture is the sunset as I was leaving work today. The entire sky was shades of pink and looked absolutely celestial.


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