Color Story

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Surprise! I live in Los Angeles now. Well, not LA proper (yet!) At the moment we are staying with my all-too-kind inlaws, who are letting us crash with them in the ‘burbs until we find jobs. It doesn’t make any sense to find a place, only to get a job that could be across the county. Gotta minimize the commute as much as possible.

Truth be told, this move has been in the works for months. Approaching the end to his schooling, my husband and I decided that Los Angeles would be the perfect place for us to start and advance our careers. New York was also a possibility, but being honest with myself I don’t know if I could have handled the winter. I enjoy the California weather, sunshine and beaches and warmth.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, giving my notice at my job in San Francisco. Even though I had prepared myself beforehand, I still cried when I handed my manager my notice. My coworkers were so awesome there, they really became a second family. I gave over a month’s notice so that we would have plenty of time to say our goodbyes. A very bittersweet ending to my time in San Francisco, and there will always be a special place in my heart for the City by the Bay.

So at the moment we are both on the hunt for employment. It’s been really nice to have someone going through the same situation as you. I know from experience the job hunt can be lonely, so I’m thankful to have the Mr. to come home to and bounce ideas off of. We are staying in an area that is perfect for outdoor workouts, so I’ve been taking a lot of walks. I’m happy to live near trees and green grass again, it’s a lovely change from the hard cold streets of San Francisco, though I’ve become so much of a city girl that the prospect of insects and bugs kind of freak me out.

I’ve been unpacking slowly, taking things out of boxes as I’ve needed them. The last few days have been uncommonly frigid outside, really it’s been in the 20s and 30s, so I thought it high time to break out my scarf collection. Hanging up my clothing and getting to look at everything en masse always makes me fall in love with my wardrobe again. When I was in high school I read a lot of fashion magazines, and I remember a quote from Kate Spade where she said she thought it was important for a woman to develop her unique personal style as she gets older. As a young, 5’11” girl who had issues finding clothes that fit, this quote resonated with me. I still think about it a lot as I shop. My wardrobe is me, inside and out, and each new addition is added because I know it works with what I already own. Judging from the photo above, it is clear that I love color, so my wardrobe tends to oscillate within the same color story. My personal color story, if you will.


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