Heat Wave

I love looking through old filled-up sketch books. They are my journal and are a true record of how my drawing style has evolved. I will go back through them for new ideas and sometimes add to old sketches. I keep telling myself that I am going to begin writing dates on all my sketches, but it never happens. I can easily tell when a sketch was drawn just from memory anyway. I tried doing an actual written journal numerous times, but ended up with a lot of half filled notebooks. At least with sketchbooks, or mine at least, there are no secrets to find unless you count my design ideas.

A drawing memory: At seven years old I went through a Little Mermaid obsession. I went to the library and checked out any books about mermaids. I became a mermaid expert, well-versed in all genres of mermaid fiction. Additionally, I became obsessed drawing mermaids all the time. Not just one mermaid at a time, but ten or twenty. There were pages with fully-realized mermaid scenes with families and subplots and different hair and seashells for each one. With all the shell bras I drew you would think I would be a swimsuit designer by now.

The weather has been the hottest its been all year. My apartment has been a sauna today. I know the mid 80s is nothing to some people, but when you live in 60 degree weather most of the year, anything over 75 is sweltering. What can I say, I am weak in heat tolerance. I thought it couldn’t get any hotter, but then the power went out on the entire block. My fan was useless and there was nothing to do but sit and try not to think about the heat. My husband and I sat and chatted the whole time while looking through comic books and magazines. The cat stretched out to his max on the floor and lay very still, for once his fluffy qualities worked against him. Fortunately, the power was back on about an hour later and we all went back to our plugged in lives.


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