A Fix

If you must wear neon, it should be in the form of a good jacket. A neon pink blazer with side cutouts, more specifically. Edgy and cool and a perfect fit. In these pics I wore it with shades of gray, but I am planning an outfit where I wear it with more colors. I kind of feel like I’m in a classy science fiction novel when I wear it. Or at a Jil Sander runway show.

If you must know (and I know you do) I got this blazer from Stitchfix.

Stitchfix is an internet fashion retailer that I have grown to really like over the past few months because it’s an incredibly convenient and fun new way of shopping for me. What sets them apart from other fashion e-tailers is that instead of you shopping their online store, they automatically ship you items without you knowing what they are sending. When you sign up as a “subscriber” you fill out a fun questionnaire about your personal style, body type and size, and the amount of money you want to spend. You can also specify how often you want a box shipped to you. Based on the info you give them, they style you from afar and then mail their picks to you. What you like you keep, and what you don’t like you send back in a prepaid package. You are charged a styling fee of $20 with every shipment, but you can also use that 20 toward your purchases. What is also nice is that they listen to your feedback about the items that you didn’t want and respond in the next shipment with even better items.

So far I’ve had three shipments, and I have had so much fun with the whole process. Because I am not the one choosing, it takes me out of my shopping comfort zone and makes me try things I normally would not. The result is every couple of months my wardrobe gets a swift kick in the gluteus and I end up with an infatuation like this sweet blazer.



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2 responses to “A Fix


    That pink color looks great on you!

    Besides thanks for being a follower of pickmeanoutfit and I wanted to let you know that I’ve changed my domain. So if you want to stay tuned for new posts, just follow me on bloglovin, facebook or google+ ;)

    xoxo Caroline
    Pick me an Outfit

  2. haddox7857@msn.com

    Sounds like a fun thing to do!

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