Kids on the Slope

My husband and I have many things in common, but our differences and what we learn from each other are what make our relationship bloom. Although we both love football, I am a Stanford alum and he is a Cal alum. So we have to take turns going to the other’s turf to cheer on their team. It was my turn this time, so we went to a Cal football game in Berkeley. I snapped this picture of the renovated Memorial Stadium. I wore neutral colors. My husband has no problem cheering for Stanford when they play, and together we both have developed a fandom of all the Pac-12 teams and will always cheer for them vs. non-Pac-12. The weather was lovely for an afternoon game of football, as the East Bay generally tends to be sunnier than SF.

My husband recently introduced me to an anime series that I am a big fan of. In fact, I am completely infatuated with it. I did not like anime one bit before I met my husband. Although I still wouldn’t call myself an avid anime fan, there are a few series that I think are good. My favorites are all written or directed by Shinichirō Watanabe. The most recent one I fell in love with is called “Kids on the Slope” and it takes place in Japan in 1966. It is about a nerdy shy kid that moves to a new town freshman year and becomes friends with the school bully over their shared love of jazz music. Watanabe directs it, but it is written by Yuki Kodama. It so totally is not a stereotypical anime, or at least what comes to mind when I think of the concept. The story is unique and gives you a glimpse of Japanese culture during the 60s. The characters feel true-to-life and fully developed. The music is utterly powerful. If you are a music lover, you will appreciate this series and others by Watanabe. I can’t go into detail without giving away spoilers, so here is the link to Hulu so you can watch it and fall in love with it as well:


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