Up the Alley

Clarion Alley is a Mission gem. I do not walk through there enough. I was there today and took some pictures of the murals. These pictures are only a small sample of the beautiful and intricate murals that decorate the alley.

The alley is in between two very busy streets, but when you start walking through it feels as though you are walking into a cathedral. There is a serene atmosphere as people who are in the alley tend to keep their voices low. Some people walk slowly through, some stand in front of one mural and gaze in reverence.

Alongside, and often on top, of the murals are random tags. I don’t understand people who spend their time tagging over murals when they could take that time and instead learn to draw and paint and make their own art. Rebellion is good fuel for creative energy.

The details of some of the murals are museum quality. Obviously someone took a lot of time on these. I have no idea if these artists get paid. Regardless, I admire their desire to share their work with anyone who chooses to pass by. Walking through this alley is inspiring, and because murals are all over the city, I am lucky to have a constant source of inspiration wherever I decide to walk.


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