Girl Songs

I noticed that the majority of the music I listen to lately has featured female vocalists. This wasn’t intentional, I think I just prefer listening to female singers, maybe because it’s easier for me to sing along while I’m sewing. Regardless, the four albums have been on my playlist for the last few months:

Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Fever to Tell: I have this in the CD player in my car, and it’s just as amazing as when I heard it for the first time years ago. You can hear the spirit in Karen O’s voice and the guts in the guitar. This is always be one of my most favorite albums. I also consider Karen O to be on my shortlist of People I Want To Be Friends With. She seems like a cool girl and reminds me somewhat of a young, modern Wanda Jackson.

Lykke Li, Wounded Rhymes: I love her voice, I love her style, this album is dark and mysterious and it’s lovely. I just watched a rerun of Austin City Limits where she performs, and you can tell she really feels the lyrics she writes. She wears black suits and lots of silver jewelry with ombré hair to her shoulders, and dances like it’s no big deal. She is from Sweden, but is clearly influenced by American music. You can hear some Motown sounds,  and some melodies that could work on a soundtrack from Sixteen Candles. Her music felt familiar to me in a way for this reason, and I immediately loved how she reworked these influences with a dark edge.

La Roux, La Roux: First of all, have you seen the lead singer’s hair? It’s a huge red bouffant mohawk, if you can imagine. It’s what I wish my hair would do, but all the hairspray in the world wouldn’t keep my hair that anti-gravitational. Her voice brings me back to when I was a teenager and feeling desperately attached to my every emotion. The melodies of her songs keep you on your toes mentally because they are chained together in unconventional ways.

The Ting Tings, Sounds from Nowheresville: Especially the song “Hit Me Down Sonny.” It’s the perfect song to strut down the sidewalk to. Or a runway. I am not a model, so a sidewalk will have to do.


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    Never heard of any of these! Telling my age, huh! I do love the lead singer of ‘Alabama Shakes’! Very raspy with a great range!

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