A Draft

It is a special time of year when you are preparing for your fantasy football draft. My draft is on Labor Day and I am looking forward to it. I’ve been watching as many preseason games as possible, and participated in a mock draft last night online. I plan to do a few more before the actual draft. I am going for the championship this year. Last year I made it pretty far in the playoffs, but lost in the semifinals. So this year is my year!

I personally have never played American football, but I grew up watching it and when I met my husband he was a huge football fan. Sports are something we have in common, as I was an athlete growing up and while in college. Before I met my husband, my previous boyfriend hated sports. I don’t know how that is possible, but he was an odd one and needless to say it didn’t last.

If you have never played fantasy football, it can be intimidating. Truth be told, it is not as complicated as it seems. You get together over the internet with the people in your league and take turns picking players for your individual teams. You base your picks on who did well last year and who is projected to do well this upcoming season. You watch out for the injury prone and those with personal issues (having a player arrested or suspended mid-season can be frustrating). You can also pick your players like my mother-in-law does, who chooses based on handsomeness.

Ideally, you will draft players that you want to start each week, with players on the bench that you can use to replace your starters in case of injury or off weeks. You set your starting lineup before Sunday of each week. Their performance is scored in points, but not just touchdowns. In the case of the players on offense, you get points not only when they score a touchdown, but also when they advance the ball. So for every 15 yards they personally advance the ball, you get a point. I can’t remember if it is 10 or 15 yards, but you know what I mean. For your defense, you get points when they make a good defensive move, like intercepting a pass or causing a fumble. Also, you can lose points, like when your quarterback throws an interception, or if your defense gives up too many touchdowns. It may sound confusing but if you are playing online all these points get calculated for you, so all you have to do is cheer for your players and keep track of your score. A more difficult part of playing fantasy football is deciding who to start each week. Not only do you choose from who is already on your team, but you can also add or drop players throughout the season. For instance, if you have a player that is injured and not coming back, it makes no sense to keep him on your team. So you can pick from a list of available players to replace the injured player.

This will be my fourth fantasy football season, and I have come a long way from my first year. Playing fantasy football makes you pay more attention to the NFL, and so now I know a lot more players than I used to. I can hold my own in a conversation about the sport, which is fun because I like surprising people when I am able to give a detailed analysis of the incoming rookies or my favorite running backs.

By the way, the picture above is the view from my office window at work. The clouds looked like dandelion seeds, mimosa blossoms, and the process of cellular mitosis. The wind was blowing them around and they would melt together and then separate again. The sky was a beautiful blue, and it was lovely to have a sunny day after a weekend of overcast afternoons.


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    Pretty clouds and interesting story!

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