Ah, the dog days of a San Francisco summer. This picture was taken this past weekend, while on a walk with a dear old friend. We decided to meet up at her place in Russian Hill and then walk by the water in the Marina. It was lovely to walk along the water, although the wind and cold made us turn back sooner than we had planned. We passed by the Fort Mason Farmers’ Market, and also the place where they were setting up for the America’s Cup. The bright white tents in a row along the water, with bursts of color on the side displaying each competing country’s flag. There were people riding jet skis near the shore, which amazed me – although they wore wetsuits, it took some grit to be out there that day. The Golden Gate Bridge is completely covered in fog in this picture, which according to my dear old friend, is creepy to drive through while on the bridge. It was beautiful in a mysterious Old World way, and with the sound of the waves lapping on the shore, it made for a perfect day of nostalgia and catching up with an dear old friend.


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