Nail Art

This is my attempt at nail art. My intention was to have the glitter fade from more to less from the cuticle to the tip, but it ended up being a bit more like general glitter everywhere. So here I am with haphazardly glittery nails. They are still pretty.

This color palette of rainbow glitter over nude polish was inspired by Nina Garcia’s dress in the season 10 premiere of Project Runway. During the actual show I only saw her dress from the waist up, and thought it was just a top (which would have been awesome, as I love me a fancy t-shirt).

I participated in a competition based off of Project Runway once. The other contestants and I had 48 hours to create a garment. Based on what is usually the time limit on Project Runway, 48 hours sounds like plenty of time, but you have to subtract the time it takes to be interviewed every couple of hours, plus eating and sleeping. Also, I designed this crazy futuristic jacket that had a solar panel on the back and a see-through rain hood. Cool concept, but ill-suited for a 48-hour span of time. Basically, I bit off more than I could chew, and all I could do was chew as hard as I could. I drank 5 Red Bulls, I got 2 hours of terrible sleep, and did not finish the garment. I ran out of time! In case you are wondering what happens when you run out of time, what you do is put together the garment as fast as possible by whatever means necessary, and then hope that no one looks at the lining.

I was mortified, and for some time after that competition, I did not sew or design anything. The experience traumatized me in a sense. My self-confidence was shaken, and my imagination was stunted for a while. I became concerned about whether I was over designing. When I did try to make something, mistakes would frustrate me, yet I wouldn’t go back and fix them. Instead, I would plow through sewing and end up with an ill-fitting garment. After a few crappy garments, I decided to face the demon and get through the mental block. Regardless of whether I won or lost the competition or even finished the garment, the experience added some character – as difficult moments generally do. Taking risks is inherent in creativity, and I feel good that I took a big risk to go through with my vision. My failure made me reassess my design process and take editing more seriously. As a writer, I believe that writing really happens during the revision. I began applying this tenet to my design process, to much benefit.

In short, anytime a designer creates, they can only better themselves from the lessons their creation has taught them. And that includes haphazardly glittery nail art.


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