A Letter

Dear Facebook Friend,

Remember me? I was your “artsy” Facebook friend that posted pictures of random stuff in her apartment and occasionally compulsively pressed Send on rants about kids at In-n-Out. If I knew you in college, we’ve been Facebook friends for almost 10 years. We should make a date to sit in rocking chairs together on a wraparound porch, drink whiskey sours, and talk about the good ol’ days when you had to be enrolled in college to join The FB. Oh burn, right? But that’s the kind of swagger you have when you’ve been on Facebook that long. You know what I mean. Now imagine we are following this comment with a Fresh Price handshake.

In case you wondering why my profile wasn’t coming up when you were wanting to FB cruise me, I’m writing to tell you that I quit Facebook. Before you get the wrong idea, it wasn’t you. Being a Facebook friend means that at some point our paths crossed, and the intersection was  significant to both of us, regardless of the duration or intensity. I am writing this letter to you because I do still think about you, and wonder what you are up to.

I quit Facebook because I was spending so much time on it that it was preventing me from doing other things, mostly things that I really enjoy partaking in. What kind of artsy friend am I if I’m not doing something pertaining to art or craft? So I thought very hard about this decision, because after 10 years naturally I feel a significant attachment to my friends on Facebook.  But after taking stock of my life and the goals I want to achieve, I found it in my best interest to deactivate my account. That was 3 weeks ago, and the time I previously spent on Facebook has been replaced by the following activities:

– catching up with friends, via email, phone, and in person i.e. not checking status updates
– writing my blog
– finishing Stranger In a Strange Land
– starting For Us, The Living
– knitting turban headbands
– patterning and sewing 2 blouses
– taking pictures
– running (while listening to audiobooks)

I recently read an article online that said that people consider people that aren’t on Facebook to be sociopaths – please do not assume this of me. Just because one is not on Facebook does not mean they are not being social in a positive way online. There are a plethora of other venues to social interaction online. Hello, Catster.com? The website for feline fanatics? Before you get sociopath-judgmental on Catster cat profiles, check this: there’s a Dogster.com as well! It’s okay, you can stop reading this letter I’ve written to you to make a profile for your dog. I can wait.

Jokes aside, I am still here, in the Web, accessible. If you are reading this you are getting a mainline peek into my daily life, sans Facebook. How much can you really feel connected to someone when all you get are quips and statuses? Regardless, I miss seeing pictures of your children and vacations, and reading about your day. Can we call or email each other? Or go for a walk and have some coffee?




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2 responses to “A Letter

  1. haddox7857@msn.com

    Cool letter!

  2. Rhiannon

    Hello, love. So glad to see you blogging again and happy to see what you’ve been doing since you quit FB. Looking forward to more from you. =)

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