French Bias

This is bias tape that I am making from this soft Italian cotton I got from Britex Fabric a few years ago. I have bins of fabric sitting in my sewing room, and I have decided that now is the time to use it up. This lovely fabric sat in the bin and I would take it out from time to time with an idea what to make, but I would have second thoughts, and it would go back into the bin.

With the right tools, making bias tape is not difficult. You need a bias tape curler, an iron, a clear drafting ruler, a disappearing ink pen, and scissors. You can also get an attachment for your sewing machine that actually curls the bias tape as you sew, which makes it even easier. The print on this fabric makes for  1″ wide bias tape, which is what I want for the garment I am making.

Finishing a garment is one of my favorite parts of sewing. I love doing blind hem stitches, and making the edges as clean as possible. The way a garment is finished is a sure sign of its quality. There are exceptions, as some designers do play with raw edges, but still they are done in a consistently thoughtful manner. My sewing teacher once said that a sign of good finishing is that you could wear the garment inside out and it would still look good.

I am now thinking of how I am going to use this bias tape. I had planned to use it as a visible 1/4″ binding around the armholes and neckline, but now I am considering flipping it to the wrong side and making it invisible. I could use it to bind the seams, or just do French seams. I should have already made these decisions and began sewing, but I discovered I am completely out of thread in the color of the fabric. A trip to the fabric store is in order asap. So here I sit, typing and thinking about French seams and how, when sewn perfectly, can make a simple garment into an exquisite one.


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