Special Day

These are photos from the day I got married. My husband and I had twenty guests and held it at the Presidio Cafe at The Presidio Golf Course. I planned it myself, which wasn’t so bad due to the small number. The most difficult for me in planning my wedding was managing all the ideas I had for it and distilling them down to fit the affair and the budget. Also, I wanted everything to be simple enough so that I wouldn’t get bogged down in DIY projects.

Like I have mentioned before, we had a brunch reception, and I really think this was a highlight of the event. We got married in the midmorning, and soon after the ceremony, no one was without a mimosa in hand.

I collect blue glass compotes and dishes, and so I relished searching for all that I could for centerpieces. The roses are made from paper and watercolored. Thanks these centerpieces, I am now a master paper flower maker.

I thought a traditional guestbook would be impractical for only 20 guests. Instead, I framed a favorite engagement photo under matting wide enough for guest signatures. I used our engagement photos for decor as well. I live above a framing store, and they graciously loaned us wooden picture stands for the day.

All guests received a bag of my husband’s and my favorite cookies, double chocolate chip, made with Ghirardelli chocolate, naturally.

We had two young children as guests, our niece and nephew, and placed small toys as favors to entertain them. Aren’t these fairy dolls completely enchanting? They are only a few inches tall. I want some for myself.

I shied away from most wedding chotzkes, but I wanted wedding napkins. Even the most simple of simple weddings should have wedding napkins. They are silly and special at once, and guests like them for keepsakes.

My husband does not like cake, and I adore cream puffs, so we enlisted the services of Sybil at Heartbaker to make these incredible, delectable cream puffs. Before the wedding day I mailed her the little paper flags that I made as toppers. I think I had about 5 of these sweet gems, and in hindsight I should have eaten more.

There was French toast on this plate, but it did not last long.

My bouquet and the boutonnieres were created by my coworker, who has impeccable taste in floral design.

Photography by Sheila Garvey
To purchase blue glass centerpieces and flowers for your own event, visit my Etsy shop.


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  1. Elaine Haddox

    Just gorgeous!

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