The Process

When I was in design school I had draping class with an especially difficult teacher. She did not mince words during critiques, and spoke so eloquently as to intimidate even the best students. She also had ice blue eyes that stared into the depths of your ego and burned through any delusions you may have about your technical skills. However, she also appreciated good work, enjoyed teaching, and gave credit where credit was due.

One particular day during a critique she scolded a classmate on her execution of a blouse. As we all watched in considerable fear and fussed our our own blouses on their dress forms, our teacher started lecturing our classmate about neater seams, cleaner pressing and learning the patience and detail required for making good clothes.
“You must learn to celebrate the process,” she said, her ice blue eyes throwing shards into our understandably quivering classmate. She knew how to get her point across.

I’ve been thinking about what my teacher said that day, about “celebrating the process.” Sometimes I get impatient with parts of my life and the rate at which they are progressing. There are times where I lose focus and start to feel bad about myself for not reaching certain milestones that I’ve set out. I am hard on myself, I know this, so at times I must make an extra effort to enjoy being in the Now and cherishing the experiences and people of my life. Instead of getting frustrated and discontent that things aren’t happening as soon as I’d like them to be, I think about the things I have and my place in the world right here, right now. I consciously make myself feel thankful for each part, and I think about how fortunate I am. While doing just this recently, my teacher’s words “Celebrate the process”  popped into my thoughts, and I found it a fitting phrase to remind myself to enjoy my life as it is, instead of wishing for a perceived finish line.

This entry was originally going to be about how I recently started listening to A Little Princess by Frances Hodgson Burnett via audiobook during my workouts. This is my first audiobook experience, as and far as workout motivation goes, I have to admit I have enjoyed it immensely. Previously I was of the school of listening to music with a beat that practically ran the treadmill for me. I decided to try it as a method of breaking my exercise rut, and it worked. The desire to “read” further into the book makes me want to go run. I thought it would affect my pace, since it’s not upbeat music, but it actually helps me to pay more attention to my breathing. I have read A Little Princess in paper form numerous times, so my next book will be something I haven’t read, to see if that makes a difference. Nevertheless, I am excited about working out again.


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  1. Elaine Haddox

    Wow! What a revelation! sounds like you’re finding the balance between starting and finishing!

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