Bracelets & Rings


About a year ago, my interest in comic books was piqued when, ironically, a comic book store was closing down in my neighborhood. They were having a big liquidation, comics for $1 and trade volumes for $3. Cheap, but you had to know what you were looking for to get a good deal. I did not know what I was looking for, because at that point I did not read comic books in the way that would necessitate knowing my way around a comic book store. I got into watching the first season of The Walking Dead on AMC and then my brother got me the first compendium of the comic book a couple of Christmases back. I read the entire thing that Christmas day, all 49 issues. I decided I am willing to wait, and am still waiting, for the 2nd compendium and thus did not need to frequent comic book stores.

So while my husband flipped excitedly though the bins of back issues, I wondered around the store to see if there was anything I would like. The first trade volume of a comic book named “Morning Glories” caught my eye with its unusual and skillful cover illustration. Proof that a good cover sells books, I bought that volume and gave it a try. I liked it enough to start following the series, and have since began reading “The Fairest” which is about all the female fairy tale characters and their pasts. I found “The Fairest” at Mission Comics & Arts, again via its cover art catching my eye (This is also how I shop for clothes, but that is neither here nor there.) So between these two comic series I have now become more oriented to the ways of comic book stores. Go me.

So that’s the backstory to this photo. The day I took this photo was on the weekend of Pride. My husband and I made big plans (BIG) to walk to Isotope Comics in Hayes Valley. I was (and still am) reading Stranger in a Strange Land, was (and still am) idling on thoughts of Milky Ways and galaxies unbeknownst. I went digging through my jewelry box and put together an arrangement reminiscent of the colors and tones I see when I think about all things celestial.

On the way to the comic book store we stopped at a crosswalk and waited with the traffic and two completely naked men, save for shoes and cockrings (I just googled a more PG term for this – erection ring, anyone? I digress.) I cut my hair pixie-short once, and felt completely exposed to the world for a while, until I got used to it. After I became comfortable with my face being much more exposed, I in turn became more comfortable with my body overall. I wonder if these two men felt the same way the first time they decided to wait at crosswalks au naturale (save for shoes and…rings.)

My husband and I walked to Isotope, looked around and talked with the wonderfully stylish proprietor, and headed back toward the BART. We were detoured by all the festivities that were fenced off and required an entry fee, mostly music and booths, the smell of the SF-foodie version of carnival food gusting through the air with the incredible wind that was our weather that day.


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