Feltmaking! I am taking a class this quarter that is about sustainable design and practices, and we learned how to make our own felt from organic wool.

We starting with wool roving, which is wool that has been carded and dyed so that it can be spun into yarn:

We cut small strips of the roving to layer so that we could make a swatch to calculate shrinkage:












We mixed soap and water and applied it to the roving layers:












We then wrapped it between layers of muslin and bubble wrap, and then rolled it for a long time:












I wasn’t satisfied with the thickness of my swatch so I laid it out and pounded it with my hands for a while. The more agitation it receives, the more the felt becomes compact and hardens:












Voila! A swatch of felt!












I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make. As part of this project, I have to make something out of handmade felt…I will post pictures as soon as I make a hat!


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  1. Elaine Haddox

    Very cool technique! I think I’ll just buy my felt. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to make it…looks like fun though!

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